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Why Tassie?

Why people 
can’t get enough

What makes Tassie Whisky special?

The Tasmanian Distilling scene has become so successful over the past decade that the Tasmanian Whisky Producers Association banded together to ensure that their brand, brand Tasmania was protected. They did this by crafting its own definition of Tasmanian Whisky

"Tasmanian whisky must be produced in Tasmania from new-make whisky spirit distilled from grains only in Tasmania. Tasmanian newmake spirit must be matured and bottled in Tasmania and be free of any artificial colourings and flavourings."

The definition isn’t onerous. It still allows dare, it allows flare but importantly it protects Tasmanian whisky from the triple threat of foreign grain, exotic barrel woods and imported fortified flavours.

Something that not even Scotland has been able to protect itself from. Tassie’s distillers have learnt from its big brother Scotty that once you have something good (great even) you can’t afford to let imposters sully what you have worked so hard to foster. 

And so, it is with great pride that we thank this collegial collection of Tasmanian distillers for giving us the deliciousness and pure joy that is the Tasmanian Gin and Whisky industry. May it live long and prosper and take us all along for the ride!!

Why people 
can’t get enough

Tasmania is the heartland of Australian Gin and Whisky and with good reason!

1. Tassie has the greatest concentration of distilleries in Australia;

2. Apple Isle Accolades – it’s collected the most impressive international trophy cabinet for any State; and

3. It’s Bill’s backyard – Tassie is the home of the Godfather of Australian Whisky, Bill Lark.

Thanks to a boom over the past few years, the number of Tasmanian distilleries now outweighs all of the distilleries in Ireland!! Say what!! And by a huge distance. That number is set to continue to grow with several new distilleries currently going through the planning process. Oh my lorrrdd!!!  

The industry has become aware of the unique, pristine opportunity that distilling in Tasmania presents and they want to be a part of the action! The reputation is strong. The conditions are perfect. Let the gin and whisky flow!

What about Tassie Gin?

We think there are three things that set Tasmanian gin apart from those produced elsewhere.

1. Our gins use a bunch of local botanicals in an innovative way, to create new and distinctive flavours. In particular,  Tasmanian pepperberry is used as a major flavour in most Tassie gins

2. Tassie gin distillers have a keen sense of terroir (how the environment affects the product). Using local botanicals, water and other ingredients give the flavour strong authentic links to Tasmania or even areas within Tasmania.

3. The supportive and exciting industry scene. There are a group of enthusiastic and adventurous distillers who have set up a scene with the highest concentration of distillers in Australia. However this scene isn’t cut-throat, it is supportive and encouraging, inspiring and helping start-up distilleries to make the best gin possible.