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The Distillery

Overeem Distillery needs no introduction. Founded in 2007 by legendary Tasmanian whisky pioneer Casey Overeem, Casey drew on distilling experience dating back to the 1980’s to found what would be only the fourth distillery established in Tasmania. Overeem Distillery takes advantage of Tasmania’s pristine environment, the soft, pure water from Mount Wellington behind Hobart, premium barley and the perfect climate for producing high quality whisky.

The Distillery’s first releases were launched in 2012. Overeem Whisky quickly gathered an international following, winning numerous awards and acclaim from all over the world.

Following a 2014 purchase of the Overeem brand by Lark (which then rolled over to Australian Whisky Holdings), Overeem has recently returned to family ownership, with Casey’s daughter Jane Overeem (who has been involved with the Distillery since its founding and has been an important role-model for women in the Australian whisky scene) and her husband Mark Sawford taking ownership of the brand again in 2020. The couple now own and manage the Distillery, although Casey still keeps an eye on things!

Each barrel of Overeem Whisky is carefully handcrafted with patience and precision. The distinctive flavour of Overeem presents layers of subtle, yet complex and delicate notes. Favouring long fermentation, distillation and maturation times, Overeem has a dedication to quality that began with Casey and has certainly continued to the next generation of Overeem distillers.

The Whisky

The Whisky

We’ve got an exclusive and exciting release from Overeem this month. A sublime and fruity single cask sherry release. This little beauty of a release was aged for just over 5 years in a French oak ex-sherry cask, 100 litre capacity.

The Distiller’s Collection recently had a great afternoon at Overeem Distillery working with the distilling crew (Mark, Jane and Nicole) to try to pick out their favourite cask for a release. Unfortunately after reducing it down to a shortlist of two beautiful sherry casks, it was impossible to pick between them! Both were amazing in their own way! It ended up literally coming down to the nose when we referred the ultimate decision to the master and founder, Casey Overeem, who judged that barrel 338 had a slightly better nose and a little more body. We loved this result as the chosen cask really has the best of those classic Overeem characteristics.

All Overeem ex-sherry cask releases are refined and balanced, featuring rich and nutty flavour profiles. This distinctive whisky is deep and dark in colour and rich and bold on the palate.