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Hi, we are The Distillers Collection

We get it. You’re here for the same reason we are. You love Tassie and you want a taste of it.

Over the past few years we’ve been getting a taste in Tassie’s back-county sharing an adventure, a laugh and our new favourite drop we’ve added to our personal collections. These spirits are that good we wanted to get you all in the loop.

Come and share with us each Distiller’s process, meet the makers and get access to an exclusive dram or 12 to add your very own collection.

You’ll love it because it’s unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s natural, it’s pure, it’s untouched and it’s authentic. These are also the reasons why Tassie is producing some of the best Distilled Spirits on the planet!

Maybe it’s Tassie’s pure mountain water or its cool, temperate climate, something in our bootlegging convict blood, or Tassie’s reputation for fine ingredients and hands on processes. Who knows! The Distillers do.


Because the distillers have hand selected these barrels and batches especially for The Distillers Collection, you won’t get them anywhere else.

Meet the Maker

We’ve been to the distillery, we know the distiller and understand their story. You will get access to what makes the distiller tick, the inspiration behind their product, why they have selected it especially for TDC and their favourite way to enjoy their creation. An experience crafted and curated by the distiller.


Tasmanian Distillers are amongst the best in the world. In fact, it’s so good that the industry has banded together to protect the reputation and quality is becoming known for. See Why Tassie? to find out more about why Tassie’s are drops are so damn good.


Tassie is the home of the Godfather of Australian Whisky, Bill Lark. His fingerprints are all over the industry and the Australian but more specifically the Tasmanian distilling industry has been the beneficiary of his foresight, wisdom and international success. He put Australia on the international spirit map and now that we’ve been discovered everyone wants a taste! See here for more detail on Tassie’s distilling history.


By joining you will become a part of Tassie distilling community and gain access and be a part of everything we’ve just mentioned. Tassie’s distilling scene has absolutely exploded.


The Distillers Collection is run by locals. Thats us! We meet the locals distilling these pure gems. We are a part of the community and have our ear to the ground which is why we know what’s about to drop, the new kids on the block and the new batches or barrels they are releasing.  The products are made in Tasmania, packed in Tasmania by Tasmanians and delivered to your doorstep.


Tasmania is pure, Tasmania is clean and Tasmania is pristine. Its elements have helped shape these distillations and the distillers themselves resulting in something truly unique that speaks of its place. The distilleries on this Island State are as unique and pure as the Island itself.

Subscribe to share in the next barrel or batch released. Oh, isn’t that fancy! Be the envy of your friends as you showcase your collection of exclusive Tassie spirits.

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